Jeremy KunzThere are some people that can’t help but leave a lasting impression. Jeremy Bart Kunz was one of those people. Tragically Jeremy was killed by a drunk driver on October 10, 2009. This race is our way of holding tight to one of the things that Jer loved about life.

Jeremy was born in Logan Utah as the oldest child of Bart and Denice Kunz. Most of his child rearing was done on a farm in Star Valley, Wyoming. He learned at a young age the value of hard work and the importance of doing a job well done. Some of his favorite memories were hunting with his Dad and going into the Yellowstone Wilderness on pack trips.

Jeremy graduated from Star Valley High School in 1994. That fall he attended Utah State University. He finished his freshman year and in August 1995 he started another adventure that would become another stepping stone on his quest for excellence. He was called to the Toronto Canada West mission. He would often comment on how much his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints changed him and gave him the clarity on what was important in life. He served faithfully and August 1997 he came home with new hopes and dreams for his life and how he was going to live it.

He went back to Utah State University and met Melinda Cox and for some reason, he couldn’t get his mind off her. Little did Min realize that the hike they took on their first date would soon become a huge part of their recreation. On March 20, 1998 Jeremy and Melinda were sealed for time and eternity in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.

Jeremy graduated from USU in June 2000. He was able to find an amazing job for All West Communications, headquartered in Kamas, Utah. He loved his job as a software developer and continued learning new languages to help make his work the best it could be. They soon started on the rest of their family and in 2002, Brinci was born. Soon after, 2004, Tobias joined the family and in 2007, Gage made his appearance. Jer fell in love with his children and would often be seen with at least one of them in tow. When he couldn’t be with them at home, he would take them with him to his work, to meetings, or just to do some grocery shopping so Min could get some rest. He was an amazing Dad.

He loved to go on backpacking trips and he made sure that Min would go with him. When she couldn't go, he relied on other family members to make up the difference. Since he was an Eagle Scout, he was very invovled in the scouting program. He went on quite a few 50 mile hikes with his scouts and a few with some other scouts as well. Many hours of Jer’s summers were spent in the mountains. He taught his kids a love of hiking and enjoying the creations that God has given us.

Jeremy was never satisfied to have just one hobby so in 2008 he started on another hobby that has become such a blessing to his family. He started learning about photography and was found taking pictures at all hours of the day. Jer couldn’t just do things partway so every extra second of his day was spent learning how to use his camera and how to use the lighting to make the best pictures possible. Many of his “subjects” were his children and they enjoyed being in Daddy’s pictures.

Amid all these other things, Jeremy also loved to run. He gained this love by watching his dad run and train for marathons. His favorite things to train for were the Ragnar Relay Series events. He logged many miles training and getting ready for these races. He loved to get others excited about racing and when his wife Min was training for her marathon, he was right by her helping her figure out her training schedule and offering babysitting services any time she needed to go run. He loved getting other people excited about what he was excited about.

It has been an adjustment living life without this amazing man. Everything was brighter and bigger and more amazing when he was there to explain in all to us. We miss him immensely. Thanks Jer, for making us all stretch and do things that some of us may not normally do. Thanks Jer, for bringing us closer together as one big family, sharing experiences and making memories that will last forever. Thanks Jer, for being a part of our team. We love you, and we will always be running for you.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey to Celebrate the Life of Jeremy Kunz!

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